Strictly Miss Brown
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Miss Brown continues to raise the bar in this her latest and most innovative movie to date – 'Piercing Punishments'.

Concerned with the increasing number of her pupils with body piercings, Miss Brown decides to visit the local piercing studio for a 'talk' with the proprietor Kimmy. She vehemently denies any involvement but when Miss Brown discovers Miss Fox with Inga in a state of undress, seconds away from having her nipples pierced, she is less than amused to say the least. "I really don't think the three of you realise just how much trouble you are in." Very soon they discover all protests have fallen on deaf ears, as punishment falls on their bare bottoms!

Not even Miss Fox's angry expostulations, Kimmy's frantic pleadings or Inga's despairing whimperings will deter Miss Brown from administering blistering punishments to all three of them. It is a pure delight to see Miss Brown line up the three girls who have shown complete contempt for her school rules. They are ready, and have to accept the searing cane strokes that Miss Brown delivers to ensure that yet again another challenge to her authority will have been thwarted. Their emblazoned bottoms bear witness to the severity of their retribution.

Miss Brown's imperial performance in this movie leaves us in no doubt that she is the doyenne of discipline.The girl's depictions of defiance and rebelliousness, together with their magnificent bottoms and exemplary performances, make 'Piercing Punishments' another unique addition to your personal collection of Strictly Miss Brown movies.

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Medical Misdemeanours, the third movie in Miss Brown's showcase of English CP classics, takes place in the inhospitable surgery of Dr Hampton. He is a sleazy, alcoholic medical practitioner who seems to have some kind of 'entente' with the morally corrupt Miss Jayney who has brought along her latest charge, the lovely and innocent Ellen, for her school medical.

There appears to be something of a history between the stocking clad Miss Jayney and the Doctor, and the action soon hots up when Ellen is caught spying on their flirtatious games. Desperate to keep their sordid secret from Miss Brown, they swear poor Ellen to secrecy and give her a sound hand spanking. But this is nothing compared to what follows when Miss Brown, suspecting something is amiss, descends on the good Doctor's surgery and catches him 'red' handed!

"What the hell is going on in here Doctor Hampton?"

The disgraced Doctor receives a blistering six strokes of the tawse on each hand before being humiliatingly exposed by a resolute Miss Brown. A harsh strapping and relentless caning follow and the Doctor's demise is sealed.

Ellen, refusing to disclose Miss Jayney's part in the afternoon's squalid events, also faces the wrath of Miss Brown and receives twelve strokes of the paddle and an uncompromising caning that continues until she confesses.

"It would have been a whole lot easier Ellen, if you had simply told me the truth in the first place."

In Medical Misdemeanours, Miss Brown delivers one of her most stunning and sublime performances.

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Revision sees Miss Brown stricter than ever! The second movie in her new series, beautifully shot in Miss Brown's home, sees two recalcitrant pupils live to rue the day that compels Miss Brown to give up her own Saturday to supervise their revision. But Miss Brown's efforts to help her charges are almost thwarted by her glamorous, but morally corrupt housekeeper, Miss Jayney.

Nobody deters or crosses Miss Brown! Inga is sent from the room and Amelia ordered over Miss Brown's lap to receive a thorough spanking, before being told to bend over the sofa and present her reddening bare bottom for Miss Brown's strap.

Inga, summoned back into the room, appears disheveled. An angry Miss Brown tells the girl off and gives the never before caned Inga a very hard cold caning leaving her bottom vividly welted. Suspecting Miss Janey of no good, Miss Brown calls her housekeeper and proceeds to cane Amelia in front of her. By the time Miss Brown has finished punishing Inga and Amelia, both bottoms carry vivid marks of a sound thrashing.

But Miss Brown reserves the severest thrashing for her housekeeper. Miss Janey quivers as she receives 12 pulsating strokes from Miss Brown's cane. It leaves the girl tearful, and her previously unmarked bottom displaying gloriously paralleled, and vivid lines.

Revision is a showcase of the unique talents that Miss Brown has in the world of female dominance. Her authority and natural ability to enforce discipline, are brilliantly displayed for you to enjoy.

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A very powerful and authentic movie, filmed in high definition, that heralds the long awaited return of the renowned and celebrated Miss Brown.

For Lucinda and Emily, this is one detention Miss Brown makes sure they will not forget. Miss Brown has told her young assistant Miss Chater to supervise Lucinda and Emily's detention. The two girls proceed relentlessly to tease innocent Miss Chater and cause such noise and commotion in the classroom that it brings Miss Brown upstairs to see what is going on.

Miss Chater is dismissed and the two girls are left to face the wrath of Miss Brown who wastes no time in reprimanding Lucinda and Emily, and telling them that they will be punished for their atrocious behaviour. What follows is a vivid and powerful display of punishment by Miss Brown at her supreme best.

The two girls are soundly spanked on their bare bottoms, feel the force of Miss Brown's strap and finally each given a dozen hard strokes of the cane as only the left handed Miss Brown can deliver - accurate and painful.

All this punishment is interspersed with Miss Brown's intimidating voice adding to Lucinda's and Emily's sufferings. Filmed in a traditional school classroom, 'Detention' is the movie that is already being talked about as one of the all time CP classics.